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We Are a CEC Approved Solar Retailer

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The Queensland Government are offering a solar rebate! Are you eligible?

Brisbane Solar Systems and Electrical Services

At Lightning Solar & Electrical we believe that everyone has the right to access affordable electricity. We understand that electricity prices are increasing rapidly in Brisbane. What we need now is a solution that will protect us from these upsurges. A Solar System with a complete 5 year total system warranty might be the answer to that problem! 

We’re a CEC approved Solar Retailer, this means you can count on us for any solar services, as we promise to guarantee quality every time .Our main interest is to provide you with high quality products at competitive prices. We offer all types of personalised services according to our client’s requirements.

Our beautiful city of Brisbane is lucky enough to have bright sunshine all year around. So why not take full advantage of it? What about investing in Solar to make you and your family’s future bright? And right  now our government is offering more incentives and rebates than ever.

We offer a wide range of plans to cover everyone’s needs, even those who think they can’t afford solar. It's cheaper than you may think . We can also arrange a finance plan with repayments that are less than your current electricity bill.

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Why We're the Best

At Lightning Solar & Electrical we're people just like you, ready to make any effort to take control of our power and electricity consumption .With the way energy prices are increasing these days, we need to do whatever we can as individuals, and as a collective to ensure that we will be able to look after our families and provide for them in times of need. Our answer to that was going solar. It removed one potentially stressful variable - not having electricity. Getting a solar panel and battery system was one of the best investments we've ever made. We want to pass that sigh of relief onto you Contact us today for a chat we'll walk you through everything you need to know before making the decision to buy solar, and taking control of your future. 

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

The Solar Retailer you're dealing with has made a strong commitment to good business practices and improving standards in the Solar Industry. 

Batteries Brisbane

So you have a Solar System installed already? Fantastic! That’s one great step towards saving money! But what’s next? Have you ever thought about all the extra energy your system is producing while you're at work, or on holidays?

What happens generally is that you sell it back to the grid for 10 cents/kwh. But end up buying it again after 4-5 hours at increased price of 30 cents /kWh for your night usage. So why not store it for yourself?

A Solar Battery Storgae System is a great idea, if you're producing more energy than you use.

Batteries are the ultimate solution to store extra energy. We are offering latest Lithium Ion batteries to help tackle the solar energy. We provide free complete home energy monitoring system with every battery so you can control it according to your energy needs!

All our batteries come with a product warranty, in addition to an energy monitoring system, so that you may sleep well knowing you’ve trusted the right system and the right supplier, for your solar storage.

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Electrical Brisbane

Quality Electrical Solutions for Brisbane!

We have a team of highly qualified licensed electricians at Lightning Solar and Electrical that provide services to residents of Brisbane and its outer suburbs. All our electrical equipment and tools are in compliance with Australian rules and regulations and are thoroughly tested. Being local electricians, we take pride in our work, and our capability of providing our customers with high quality services at a competitive price.

We offer both commercial and domestic electrical services. So if your house or business is in Brisbane or its outer suburbs and you would like to change your lighting, install a data outlet or indoor/outdoor power points, security systems or even whole new house wiring, Lightning Solar and Electrical have your bases covered!

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Electrical Brisbane

Quality Electrical Solutions for Brisbane!

Our licensed electricians at Lightning Solar and Electrical service the Brisbane and Brisbanes Outer Suburbs. As your local electricians, we pride ourselves on honesty and high standards of work at a competitive price. All of our electrical work is thoroughly tested and is in compliance with Australian regulations.

Our electrical contracting service includes both commercial and domestic electrical work. So whether you would like to update your lighting, install a data outlet, indoor or outdoor power points, security systems or a complete new house wire, if your House or business is in the Brisbane area, we’ve got you covered!

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About Us

We began Electrical contracting in Adelaide 2012 under the name LMC Electrical. After 5 successful years in the residential and commercial electrical industry of Adelaide, we decided to relocate to Melbourne, Victoria. Being in the big city has now allowed us to service a bigger market and supply high quality electrical products and services the people of Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide! We have now become your renewable energy specialists, with a great focus on delivering high quality solar and batteries to the people of Australia. With 8+ years in game so far, we aren’t going anywhere; and you can count on us to help you with your product warranties 5 or even 10 years from now! 

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